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About the Course

The Free Preview

The following is Unit 1 of Learning Decoded for Parents: Why You Need to be Proactive in Your Child’s Education. It offers a mixed media learning experience designed to help you become your child’s learning expert! Concepts are taught through instructional videos, written content, and reflection homework. Here you’ll get a good idea of not only how information is taught in the e-course, but what exactly you’ll be learning in this invaluable tool for parents. 

The Full Course

Many children, especially those without a diagnosis or clear-cut, identified challenge, are often not given the necessary support for their learning needs in the school setting. Their parents face frustration and anxiety as they look to the school for guidance, and often receive vague information and conflicting advice. (“Just wait it out” or “Your child is unmotivated”, etc.) We live in an age where parents need to take the helm, armed with an understanding of the nuances around their child’s learning needs.

My course is designed for parents to understand:

     -Input (how children are often taught)

     -Output (how children are typically assessed)

     -Cognitive Processing (how memory, attention, processing speed, reasoning and executive functioning play a role in learning)

We then address how these elements, and the strengths and challenges we all have around each, can affect performance in reading, math, writing and overall organization.

Lastly, we use the input, output, processing and academic lessons to create a customized learning plan for parents, one that uses targeted strategies to build areas of challenge using areas of strength.

Course Structure


Heather Bragg

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